How to Stop a Cyber Stalker From Ruining Your Life

With the advent of the Internet it has never been easier to stay connected with old friends and family.

Whether they are in another part of the town or living thousands of miles away in a foreign country all it takes is a simple few clicks to get updated on what they’re up to.

However with such ease of access and at anytime this has stirred up many issues of online privacy.

Thousands of online users suddenly found themselves easy victims to online stalkers.

Also known as cyber stalkers, they use the power of the Internet to anonymously harass and follow their victims online anywhere they go.

Nothing escapes Google, Bing and Yahoo’s powerful search engines that index everything. By simply typing in a name in the search bar it gives anyone access to all of their online social profiles, blogs and more.

Worst of all, background check websites allow anyone easy access to personal information such as previous and current addresses, phone numbers, hidden profiles and more.

All for a small fee.

Because it is considered a public record your information doesn’t have to be confidential. Fortunately most background check websites allow you to remove your information (highly advised if you are a victim!).

A great way to deter a cyber stalker is to simply ignore their messages. Any response you make, be it emotional or not, simply fuels them to continue harassing you.

However if you’re already in the deep end and the harassment has been going on for a while then there is still ways you can make it stop.

The power of the Internet makes it easy for you to become a victim to cyber stalking but it also gives you the power to find out who it is.

Keep records of everything that they send you and comb through their messages. Sooner or later they will slip and give away some clues as to who they are.

If you are getting calls and texts then use reverse phone websites to trace where the original call is coming from and whom the owner of the number is.

Harassing emails can also be traced back to the original owners using reverse email websites.

Tragically there is a high chance a cyber stalkers could be someone you know, either personally or not.

Once you have all your evidence you can report them to the police immediately or approach them personally. However the second option should be taken with caution and is not advised.

Being a victim of cyber stalking can be an emotionally draining experience that can lower your moral and self-esteem but by taking the necessary steps you can end the harassments early on.