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How a DUI Affects your Record

Because of the dangers that driving while intoxicated presents to you and those on the road, law enforcement agencies around the country have cracked down over the past two decades. New laws have been created to deal harshly with those convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI). It helps to…

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How to Locate Local Sex Offenders and Protect Your Children

It is hard to come up with accurate statistics of how many children are raped or molested in the course of a year. Many times, the abuse is not reported to authorities. The abuse tends to stay a secret, because the victim is pressured by the abuser to never tell anyone. What has been reported…

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5 Steps to Ensure Your Blind Date isn’t Your Worst Nightmare

Blind dating is an exciting way to meet new men since neither party knows who the other person is and what to expect. It’s a fun, harmless way to spend an evening with someone new. However, there may times when a blind date may go sour and could even take a turn for the worse. Some safety measures to…

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How to Stop a Cyber Stalker From Ruining Your Life

With the advent of the Internet it has never been easier to stay connected with old friends and family. Whether they are in another part of the town or living thousands of miles away in a foreign country all it takes is a simple few clicks to get updated on what they’re up to. However…

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