5 Signs He’s Cheating on You

The signs that your boyfriend, fiancé or husband is cheating on you can be subtle and sometimes the signs by themselves are not necessarily proof that he’s having an affair. However, the five signs that follow are strong indications that something is up and warrants further investigation.

His Daily Routine has Changed Unexpectedly

Men are creatures of habit and generally will not change their daily routines for no reason at all. One routine is arriving at home at the same general time that suddenly changes as he comes in at different times or has no set schedule.

Quite often, there is an innocent-sounding explanation like he has to get more work done, road construction delays and the like. If it happens only occasionally, that is one thing, but repeated instances of a changing routine are warning signs that something is up.

He Suddenly Wants More Privacy

There is often guilt associated with cheating and a man who suddenly wants more privacy for no discernible reason may be having these feelings. Staying out in his work area while closing and locking the door can be one sign that he wants to put some distance between facing his feelings when he’s around you.

Is Nicer than Usual for No Reason

Some men compensate for the guilt by treating you even nicer than before. While it is safe to say that a man treating his special someone nicer than usual should be a welcome sign, if it is happening for no discernible reason then something is not quite right.

It is true that many men discover a new appreciation for their wives, fiancés and girlfriends that are due to circumstances that have no connection to cheating. So, such instances of a newfound kindness will need to have other unexplained activities to be considered a strong sign of cheating.

Unexplained Mood Swings

This is another common sign that cheating may be occurring if the instances are not explainable. Of course, there are medical reasons for mood swings such as the onset of depression for example. Given that many men tend to bury their feelings, sudden mood swings may be an indication that he is holding something back which could very well be a sign of cheating.

New Style and Appreciation for Different Music

It is said that the male form of menopause consists of dying their hair and buying a motorcycle. However, unlike men who are trying to recapture their youth, those who suddenly embrace a new style and an appreciation for music that they normally would not listen to is a definite sign that something is not right. A man who cheats will often remind himself of the person he is now infatuated with by listening to the music they like or dressing in a manner that they hope will impress them even more.

If you see the man in your life adopting one or more of these signs, then it is time to ask a few questions and perhaps start doing a little investigating. While in and of themselves they are not definite signs of cheating, such behavior certainly warrants your attention so that you can discover the truth.

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